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Do sharks get indigestion?

If so, the one that ate my hook, line, and 4-ounce sinker must have a whale (pun intended) of an upset stomach right now.  My sister-in-law of 40 years, Barbara, has been visiting us for the past week and today was the day I… Continue Reading “Do sharks get indigestion?”

Memory: Encanto Park, Phoenix, AZ

I was born in Flint, Michigan.  It was there that my grandfather taught me how to fish, but when I was seven years old, my father decided to move the family to Phoenix, AZ.  I don’t really know why because he fled the scene,… Continue Reading “Memory: Encanto Park, Phoenix, AZ”

Furled Flags? Forget Fishing!

Having fished for most of the past 60 years, I know that fishermen are a superstitious lot, but I am not one of them since I don’t believe that fishing has anything to do with luck.  So, I don’t go through any particular ritual… Continue Reading “Furled Flags? Forget Fishing!”

Special days…

From FB posting of August 14, 2019 Today was a very special day of fishing on the Ventura Pier. It was NOT because I caught 14 Mackerel (7 are pictured, the others went to other fishermen for bait or back to the ocean). It… Continue Reading “Special days…”

Croaker Tsunami

From FB Post of August 8, 2019 Today’s fishing effort picked up right where it left off yesterday. I caught my first fish on my first cast. It was a Croaker, one of seventeen Croakers that I caught along with two Perch and two… Continue Reading “Croaker Tsunami”

Some days when I go fishing, I never want to go home

From FB post of August 7, 2019  Today was one of those days. When I fish on the Ventura Pier, I only “target” two species even though I will catch anything. Those two are shark and Mackerel; today I caught both. The day started… Continue Reading “Some days when I go fishing, I never want to go home”

How to Catch a Whale—or Not…

From FB post of July 28, 2019 I didn’t catch quite as many fish today as I did on my last outing, but the variety was greater and the fish bigger including a Skate Ray which weighed around 20 pounds.  Tomorrow I go to… Continue Reading “How to Catch a Whale—or Not…”

Where I Fish

Although I sometimes go to my local lake, Lake Casitas, and do a little freshwater fishing, most of my efforts are limited to the Pacific Ocean.  I grew up in Arizona where saltwater fishing is not an option so for 20 years I fished… Continue Reading “Where I Fish”

Advice from Grandpa: Always use a fishing pole and a wishing pole!

In Michigan, in the 1950’s, it must have been illegal to fish with more than one pole at a time, but Grandpa Duffy, who was a very law-abiding man, told me to use two poles “when I could get away with it”.  What he… Continue Reading “Advice from Grandpa: Always use a fishing pole and a wishing pole!”

My First Catch

I still remember my first catch.  I was fishing with my Grandpa Duffy in a body of water behind my Aunt Amy’s and Uncle Frank’s house.  They had a small boat tied up to dock that sat just above the water and must have… Continue Reading “My First Catch”